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Foothill - De Anza Community College District is a participating agency in the CalPERS Medical Care plan, which allows eligible employees to select from several medical plans, such as:

  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO and HMO
  • Blue Shield of CA HMO
  • Health Net HMO
  • Kaiser Permanente HMO
  • Sharp HMO
  • UnitedHealthcare HMO
  • Western Health Avantage

Please use the contact information below for more information regarding each plan as well as the plan summary, listing of benefits, find a doctor/hospital/pharmacy, and to check your deductible and status of claims:

Anthem Blue Cross - PPO 877-737-7776
Anthem Blue Cross - HMO 855-839-4524
Blue Shield of CA - HMO 800-334-5847
Health Net - HMO 888-926-4921
Kaiser Permanente - HMO 800-464-4000
Sharp - HMO 855-995-5004
UnitedHealthCare - HMO  888-867-5581
Western Health Advantage - HMO 888-942-7377


Medical Plan Group #'s:

  • Anthem Blue Cross PERSCare:  KB050K
  • Anthem Blue Cross PERSCare Medicare Supplement:  KS050G
  • Anthem Blue Cross PERS Choice:  CB050K
  • Anthem Blue Cross PERS Choice Medicare Supplement:  CS050G
  • Anthem Blue Cross PERS Select:  SB050K
  • Anthem Blue Cross PERS Select Medicare Supplement:  SS050G
  • Blue Shield Access + HMO:  PH0001
  • Blue Shield Access + HMO Retired/Non-Medicare:  PH0002
  • Blue Shield Access + HMO Medicare Supplement:  PH0003
  • Blue Shield NetValue HMO:  PH0010
  • Blue Shield NetValue HMO Retired/Non-Medicare:  PH0020
  • Blue Shield NetValue HMO Medicare Supplement:  PH0030
  • Kaiser:  3-312
  • UnitedHealthCare:  PCA648424-000
  • Western Health Advantage HMO: 107999

2019 CalPERS Health Benefits Information

Monthly Contribution Rates:

CalPERS Health Programs Full-Premium Rates:

Monthly Imputed Income Rates: