Human ResourcesWildfire Resources
Many employees of the FHDA family have been affected by the recent wildfires.  
Below are some ways to help!


Donate your sick or vacation leave to employees that have been affected by the fires.


How much vacation and PNL can I donate?

PNL and Vacation donations do not require that the employee maintain a balance of leave – that only applies to sick leave donation for eligible medical leaves. Therefore, an employee may donate any amount, up to their entire PNL or Vacation leave accrual. 

What if I don't have a specific person I want the leave to go to?  

If you don’t designate a specific person, the donated hours will be applied to another deserving colleague in need.  

What happens if my leave isn't used by someone?

Leave not used will be returned to the person that donated it. 


Foothill College  

Fund for Evacuated Employees: 


Karen Smith, library assistant, Foothill College:
Karen has written about her harrowing escape, the fire’s destruction of her canyon community and her gratitude. - sponsored by college library - recently set up by Karen 


Andy Ruble, Ceramics Instructor, Foothill College:


De Anza College 

President Holmes would like to tailor assistance to individual needs because some have been non-financial such as housing or animal care. Please send requests to


Karen Villalba, assistant director, Child Development Center, De Anza College - sponsored by the CDC at De Anza 


Central Services Classified Senate offer of help 

If you have been evacuated and need assistance, or know of a Central Services colleague who does, please contact Monica Garcia at The Senate has limited funds available and will do its best to help. To support this effort, click HERE for a classified senate payroll deduction form.