Human ResourcesACE Classification Study 2017

ACE Classification Study


We have begun the District-wide Classification Study primarily for classified employees in the Association of Classified Employees (ACE) bargaining unit. We are excited about this project and look forward to everyone's active participation.

What is a Classification Study?

The main goal of a classification study is to develop an equitable, reliable, and competitive classification system that supports the District’s mission; promotes equity by accurately aligning classifications and assignments; fosters the attraction and retention of qualified individuals; and provides opportunities for employee growth and development.

Over time, an agency’s classification needs change; factors such as operational, program, technological, regulatory, and staffing changes typically result in class specifications becoming misaligned from the actual nature, level and scope of work performed by incumbents.  Through a new classification study, the services provided by the consultant will assist the District to achieve the following objectives and expected outcomes:

  1. An analysis and development of a position classification system and process for classifying work in order to promote internal equities dictated by actual responsibilities of the position.
  2. A catalog of class specifications that accurately classifies the work assigned to positions; identifies the core knowledge and abilities required to successfully perform the work; and reflects management’s approach to organizing work.
  3. An analysis to assess the nature, level, and scope of worked currently performed by incumbents; and recommendations to accurately align incumbents within the new classifications. 
  4. Visual career paths to provide clarity on career mobility at the District.
  5. An equitable and simple to administer classification system that supports the District’s mission, vision and values.

The ultimate goal of a classification study is to study an organization’s positions, the work (i.e., essential job functions) that each performs, and create updated and objective classification descriptions that are legally compliant, internally aligned, reflective of contemporary standards, and accurately reflect current roles, responsibilities, duties, and qualifications.  The final work product will be an integrated organizational structure that will allow for internal equity, potential future agency growth, employee career growth, and effective customer service delivery.

A classification study also reviews an organization’s positions to determine the proper grouping or allocation of positions into classifications (i.e., job titles).  This process involves recommendations for each position for reclassification or title change, as well as the development of new classifications (if applicable), elimination of outdated classifications (if applicable), and collapsing classifications within similar functional areas (as appropriate).

A classification study does not include a staffing analysis, i.e., does not result in the addition or elimination of any positions, and it does not analyze or evaluate performance levels.

Compensation Study

Although compensation will need to be negotiated, the classification study will also include a compensation study that will involve a base salary market survey using a set of appropriate comparator agencies. The goal is to determine what type of compensation (salary ranges) the external labor market pays for classifications that are similar to those at the District. Once the external data comparison is completed, specific recommendations will be made for internal equity for all positions. 

The compensation study will contain specific recommendations regarding a salary schedule and the integration of all classifications into a clearly designed, internally equitable format that is flexible for career opportunity and future growth. Again, compensation will need to be negotiated.

Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

The purpose of the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) is to gather information about the duties and responsibilities that are assigned to a job. The PDQ information will be used to evaluate the responsibilities of the job and to determine FLSA classification, appropriate job title, and pay grade.

The PDQ form is available in two formats:
  1. For employees to fill out electronically - PDQ (writable)
  2. For employees to print and fill out by hand - PDQ (manual)

Information on completing the PDQ (PowerPoint slides)

If you have additional questions or need clarification on how to complete the PDQ, please contact Myisha Washington at or Chris White at

After completing the PDQ, please email to:
  1. The supervisor and/or the administrator that signs/approves your timesheet AND;
  2. Myisha Washington - Manager, Compensation, Classification and Employment at washingtonmyisha@fhda.eduAND;
  3. Keep a copy for your records

The questionnaire must be completed and turned in to your appropriate supervisor and/or appropriate administrator no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 24, 2017.

Kick-Off Introductory Meeting Video

A series of introductory meetings were held at De Anza and Foothill to explain the process, answer questions and provide instructions for completing the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). If you were unable to attend a meeting or would like to review the recorded meeting, the archived information may be viewed below:

Study Timeline (approximate - dates subject to change)

Classification Study Completion Date By:
Initial Document Review/Meetings with Joint Labor Management Classification Committee (“JLMCC”), Management Staff, and District HR January 25
Orientation Meetings with Employees and Distribution of Position Description Questionnaire January 24-25
Position Description Questionnaire to Supervisor/Administrator and Review February 24
Supervisor/Administrator submit reviewed PDQs to Human Resources March 31
Employee/Supervisor/Management Interviews TBD
Classification Concept/Preliminary Allocation Development TBD
Draft Class Description Development/Update July 14
Draft Class Description Review/Informal Appeal Process August 11
Finalize Classification Plan and Draft Interim Report/Final Report September 1
Final Presentation to the JLMCC As Scheduled


Classification Study - Joint Labor Management Classification Committee (JLMCC) Members:

Name Title Type
Anthony Booth ACE Labor Consultant Ex-officio Union representative
Bradley Booth ACE Counsel Union representative
Kevin Harral Director, Financial Aid Foothill management
Marietta Harris Director, Human Resources Ex-officio HR representative
Lisa Mandy Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships De Anza management
Cathleen Monsell Division Administrative Assistant Union representative
Myisha Washington Manager, Compensation, Classification and Employment HR representative
Chris White ACE President Union representative