Human ResourcesPolicies

Board Approved HR Policies:

Unique links to specific policies and procedures are not available via the Board Docs FHDA Public Webpage. 

Therefore, to view specific District policies and procedures please:

  1. Navigate  to:
  2. Click on POLICIES (top right header)
  3. On the top left side, you can select “Board Policy” (BP) or “Administrative Procedures” (AP)
  4. Policies are separated by Chapter and based on subject matter.
  5. To view a list of and link to ALL District policies and procedures, click on “Board Policy and Administrative Procedure Manual” and then “Overview and Table of Contents”.
  6. All policies specifically related to Human Resources can be found in Chapter 7.  A sample of which are listed below.
  • BP4100:  Cultural Diversity/Equal Opportunity Policy
  • BP4105:  Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • BP4110:  Mutual Respect Policy
  • BP4115:  Nepotism
  • BP4120:  Employment Specially Funded Programs
  • BP4125:  Authorization to Offer Employment
  • BP4130:  Employment
  • BP4135:  Faculty Hiring Qualifications
  • BP4140:  Equivalency
  • BP4145:  Board Advised of Evaluations
  • BP4150:  Personnel Files
  • BP4155:  Faculty Employees
  • BP4157:  Release Time
  • BP4160:  Professional Activities
  • BP4165:  Staff Invited to Board Meetings
  • BP4170:  Staff Travel
  • BP4175:  Travel Authorization
  • BP4176:  International Travel
  • BP4180:  Research and Publications by Staff
  • BP4185:  Publication of Instructional Materials
  • BP4190:  Academic Freedom
  • BP4195:  Political Campaigning by Faculty Member
  • BP4200:  Salary Schedules
  • BP4205:  Family Medical Leave Act
  • BP4210:  Employee Examination for Tuberculosis
  • BP4300:  Dismissal for Cause
  • BP4500:  Drug-Free Workplace
  • BP4505:  Drug Testing
  • BP4515:  Prevention of Workplace Violence
  • BP4630:  Sexual Assault Policy Including Rape
  • BP4640:  Harassment and Discrimination
  • BP4670:  Requesting and Receiving Accommodation(s) Under the ADA
  • BP7337:  Fingerprinting of Employees, Volunteers and Student Workers