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Employee of the Month Nomination Form

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  • The Central Services organization wants to recognize the outstanding work and valuable contributions made by classified employees. Each month of the calendar year the Employee Recognition Committee will accept nominees for the award. Each month the selected employee will be announced. Once each quarter the selected employees will be honored.

Criteria for nominees:

  • A nominee must be a permanent staff employee (classified, confidential, supervisor) in Central Services.
  • A nominee may have made either (an) outstanding contribution(s) or have demonstrated excellence through regular consistent contributions.
  • Contributions must have benefited students, the college, the district, faculty, management and/or fellow classified staff members.

Criteria for nominations:

  • Nominations are collected throughout each month.
  • Employees who are nominated one or more times, may receive the award only once for every 3 year period of time.
  • Nominations will be retained for one year from the month it was received.
  • An employee's supervisor or other management, classified or confidential staff, faculty and /or students may make the nomination.
  • The awards will be presented monthly.

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