Human ResourcesClassification & Compensation

The classification and reclassification process applies to administrative and classified positions only.  Faculty positions are not included in this process.  


The District believes it is important to maintain a fair and equitable classification system. Decisions about classification shall be made based on the level of duties and responsibilities assigned to the position by the District. 

Because duties and responsibilities change over time, the District, Unions, and other employee groups have agreed to a system to update and recognize changes which take place. Decisions regarding reclassification shall be based on substantial and permanent changes in the level of duties and responsibilities of the position assigned by the District. The following general guidelines shall apply:

  • An increase in the volume of work shall not be the basis for a reclassification.
  • Temporary project assignment upgrades are compensated by working out of class pay in accordance with the appropriate articles in the collective bargaining agreements and meet and confer handbooks and have an agreed-upon beginning and ending date. Such temporary assignments are not subject to reclassification.
  • Supervising managers shall not change duties arbitrarily or capriciously while a reclassification request is pending.
  • When a classification is re-titled, a decision on the equivalent classification for the purposes of determining seniority rights in the classification shall be made at the time of the change and recorded.

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