Human ResourcesClassification FAQ's


  1. Why reclassify a position?  

A position can be reclassified when, due to division/department workload changes that occur over time, the majority of job duties that are permanently assigned to a position by the responsible manager are determined to be at a higher classification level than the classification in which the position is currently placed.  A position can also be reclassified when there has been a significant and permanent change in the nature, variety and complexity of job duties; or in the level of supervision received or exercised.

Changes in the volume of work are not used on as a basis for reclassification.

It is important to request a formal classification review only when it is appropriate.  It is also important to make sure that the request is thoroughly and accurately prepared.  Classification review procedures and timelines are governed by the bargaining unit Contracts.

  1. Who initiates a classification review?

Classification reviews can be initiated by the incumbent, by the responsible division/department administrator who has made the job assignments, or by the Office of Human Resources when appropriate.

The responsible division/department administrator is directly accountable for the appropriate assignment of job duties to various classifications on staff.

  1. How does the request for classification review work?

The responsible division/department administrator or Office of Human Resources may initiate requests for classification review when a new position is created or when change is required to a vacant position before it is advertised.

The job duties in question are those that have been permanently assigned to the position by the responsible administrator.

The request for classification review must include the completed application as well as the following items:

    • Copy of the current job description
    • Completed copy of the Classification Questionnaire with all required signatures
    • Current and proposed organizational charts showing all positions with current employees and vacancies listed
    • Additional supporting documentation as appropriate

Classification review requests from more than one incumbent in the same classification may be consolidated.

  1. What are the limitations for applying for reclassification?

An incumbent who has applied for reclassification may not apply for another reclassification for at least two years from the date of the last reclassification request, including a reclassification request made under a previous collective bargaining agreement, except in extraordinary circumstances, such as a division/department reorganization.

Classification Services will consider the following job-related factors in determining the appropriate classification of a position:

    • Nature and type of work assigned
    • Level of responsibility required
    • Impact of the position on the unit, department, and/or College
    • Reporting relationships and their required interaction
    • Scope of the duties assigned
    • Level of authority assigned
    • Complexity of the assigned work
    • Level of independent judgment, creativity, originality and innovation required
    • Level of supervision received
    • Level of supervision exercised
    • Knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the assigned duties

Other key items to remember:

  • Classification Services Classifies the Job, NOT the Person

Classification decisions are based solely on the responsibilities and job duties permanently assigned to a position by the responsible administrator, and such factors as the knowledge, skill and abilities required to perform them.

Classification determinations are made as if the position was vacant, and rely on the overall staffing plan and delivery of services within the division or department.

Classification determinations are not based on any of the following personal factors related to the incumbent:

    • Employee "merit"
    • Quality of performance
    • Longevity or seniority
    • Retention issues
    • Financial needs
    • Increased workload or volume of work
    • Future projects or assignments
    • Training that is reasonably expected within the current position
  • Classification Reviews - Final Determination:

Classification reviews can result in one of the following findings by the Classification Services unit of Human Resources/Equal Opportunity:

    • Changes have occurred to the position over time; however, the changes are not significant enough to warrant a change in classification level.
    • Changes have occurred over time that have significantly modified the position so that it is now more accurately described by another classification (to be determined by the Classification Specialist).
    • Changes to the position are significant, but not permanent; therefore, the incumbent will be compensated with Out of Class Pay for a specific period of time and the duties will be reassigned as appropriate.