Human ResourcesFAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I apply?
    1. All applications and documents must be submitted online using our applicant tracking system:  The District does not accept any applications or documents via email, fax, or mail. 
  2. How do I update my information after I submitted my application for a position?
    1. Please refer to the "Applicant Information" section:
  3. How do I check my application status?
    1. Log-in with your e-mail and password and once on the home page, it'll show the positions you've applied for, the location, and the status.  
  4. My status says "Application Incomplete," why was it marked incomplete?
    1. Your application will be marked as "incomplete" if you miss or do not include all information/documents requested under the "Application Packet" of the job announcement.  All of our positions require a diversity statement, cover letter, and resume.  Some Faculty positions also require additional supplemental documents and if they do, it'll be listed under the "Application Packet" section of the job announcement. 
  5. How do I post jobs for students?
    1. Please contact the following for assistance with posting jobs for students:
      1. De Anza College: Counseling & Advising Center, 408-864-5400 --
      2. Foothill College:  Phuong Tran, or 650-949-7208 --
  6. I saw a job posting on-line, is this position still open?
    1. Please refer to our District HR website ( for the most current openings.  If the position is posted on our HR website, the position is still open. 
  7. What does "Open Until Filled" mean?
    1. All of our Administrator and Full-time Faculty positions are automatically in an "open until filled" status, but there are initial review dates.  This status means that the position is still open and you may still submit an application online.  If you submit a complete application by the initial review date, your application will be forwarded to the hiring committee once it's time to review.  If you submit a complete application after the review date, your application will only be forwarded to the hiring committee at their request. 
  8. What is the application process?
    1. A hiring committee must be formed for each position and develop screening criteria and interview questions before they have access to begin screening applications.  Once the position closes (or the initial review day passed) and the criteria and questions are finalized, we will then provide access to the hiring committee to begin screening applications.  The hiring committee will screen the applications and determine who they wish to invite to interview.  Whether an applicant is selected for an interview or not, they will be notified via email or phone. 
  9. How long does application/hiring process take?
    1. This varies and is dependent on the hiring committee, the committees timeline, and how large the pool of applicants is.  Some committees are very fast and some take a little longer.  If it's been over a month, you may email: to check the status of position.