Human ResourcesProcedures

Administrative HR Procedures:

Unique links to specific policies and procedures are not available via the Board Docs FHDA Public Webpage. 

Therefore, to view specific District policies and procedures please:

  1. Navigate  to:
  2. Click on POLICIES (top right header)
  3. On the top left side, you can select “Board Policy” (BP) or “Administrative Procedures” (AP)
  4. Policies are separated by Chapter and based on subject matter.
  5. To view a list of and link to ALL District policies and procedures, click on “Board Policy and Administrative Procedure Manual” and then “Overview and Table of Contents”.
  6. All policies specifically related to Human Resources can be found in Chapter 7.  A sample of which are listed below.
  • AP3410:  Guidelines for Classification, Retention and Destruction of Records
  • AP3600:  Whistleblower Protection
  • AP4130:  District Hiring Procedures
  • AP4157:  Definitions and Procedures for Release Time
  • AP4630A:  FHDA Sexual Assault, including Rape:  Procedures
  • AP4640:  Procedures to Resolve Complaints Regarding Harassment and Discrimination
  • AP4670:  Procedures for Requesting and Receiving Accommodation(s) under the ADA

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Harassment and Discrimination

Annual Notice to All FH/DA CCD Employees (emailed June 21, 2023)

Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Form (English)

The District encourages its employees and students to contact the appropriate Campus Coordinator or Central Services Coordinator prior to filing a formal complaint or to obtain assistance in determining whether or not an individual has been or is a victim of harassment or discrimination.

The designated individuals to contact are:

  • Foothill College - Dean of Student Affairs and Activities: (650) 949-7241
  • De Anza College - Dean of Student Development and EOPS: (408) 864-8828
  • Central Services - Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources: (650) 949-6109

Child Abuse/Mandated Reporter Reporting (AP3518)

Reporting suspected child abuse to police as outlined in 11165.9 of the Penal Code by mandated reporters (11166.05). Mandated reporters are defined in Penal Code 11165.7.

You can report suspected child abuse two ways:

  1. Directly to the Santa Clara County Child Protective Services via the Suspected Child Abuse Report.  This is the equivalent of today's "snail mail".
  2. To report suspected child abuse anyone can call the Child Abuse and Neglect Center (CANC) - they screen calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Child Abuse & Neglect Center Phone Numbers
San Jose Area: (408) 299-2071
Gilroy / Morgan Hill Area: (408) 683-0601
Palo Alto Area: (650) 493-1186

Hiring Procedures

Sexual Harassment

Whistleblower Protection

Annual Notice to All FH/DA CCD Employees (emailed June 21, 2023)

California Comply Anywhere Poster Pack

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