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ACE Classified Performance Evaluation Form

ACE Educational Reimbursement Form (updated 05.05.2020)

ACE PGA Application and Guidelines

ACE Recess Form (Go to FHDA MyPortal)

ACE Travel and Conference Fund Application (updated 05.05.2020)

ADA Request for Accommodation (updated 05.05.2020)

Additional Pay Form (District FTF) (updated 05.05.2020)

Administrator Handbook Appendices:

Appendix B - Administrative Achievement Award (AAA) Application (Administrator)

Appendix C - Administrator Evaluation Form (Administrator)

Appendix D - Eligibility Criteria for Domestic Partners' Benefits (Administrator)

Appendix E - Request for Additional Duties Stipend (Administrator)

Appendix F1 & F2 - Classification and Appeal Guidelines & Request for Reclassification (Administrator)

Appendix F3 - Reclassification Appeal Form (Administrator)

Appendix G - Application for Administrative Leave (Administrator)

Appendix H - Family Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave (Administrator)

Appendix I - Application for Training/Retraining Stipend (Administrator)

Appendix J - Administrative Grievance Form (Administrator)

Authorization to Eliminate Position

Admin Early Notice Incentive Program Application (updated 05.05.2020)



2021-2022 Academic Calendar

2022-2023 Academic Calendar

2021-2022 & 2022-2023 Holiday Calendars

2021 Pay Day Calendar (see Business Services/Payroll)

2022 Pay Day Calendar

2021 HR Board Deadlines

CalPERS Beneficiary Form

Classified Performance Evaluation Instructions

Classified Performance Evaluation Form (EXCEPT  ACE - see ACE Classified Performance Evaluation Form)

Classified Hourly Performance Evaluation Form 

Confidential Educational Reimbursement Form

Contract Change Form (updated 05.05.2020)

CSEA Apprenticeship Application Form

CSEA Apprenticeship Evaluation Form

CSEA Educational Reimbursement Form (updated 05.05.2020)

CSEA PGA Application

CSEA Recess Form (Go to FHDA MyPortal)

CSEA Travel and Conference Form


D - L


Donation Sick Leave Pledge Form

Educational Achievement Request Form (Administrators)

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form

Equivalency Form

Faculty Leave Exception Form

Faculty Request for Column Advancement - Full-Time Faculty

Faculty Request for Column Advancement - Part-Time Faculty

FA Agreement Appendices:

     Appendix H4 - Individual Proposal for Faculty Flex Day - Article 27

     Appendix I - Application for Professional Achievement Award - Article 38 - PAA must be filed with 

               Division Dean by July 1st (PGA filed with Campus Personnel by June 1st).

     Appendix J1 - Administrative and Peer Evaluation Form - Article 6 and 6A

     Appendix J2 - Student Evaluation Form - Article 6 and 6A

               De Anza

               J2/JW: Online Education Center sends an email at start of each quarter

               J2.1, J2.2, J2.3, J2.4: Contact your department chair or dean


               J2/J2W: Request a student evaluation through Canvas

               J2.1, J2.3, J2.4: Contact Kelaiah Harris       

     Appendix J3 - Tabulation of Student Evaluations Form (Classroom Instruction) - Article 6 and 6A

     Appendix J3W - Tabulation of Student Evaluations Form (Online Instructional Faculty) - Article 6 and 6A

     Appendix N1 - Notice of Grievance - Article 5 - Faculty must first attempt to resolve issues by using

               FA's conciliation process.  Please contact FA's Office Manager, Susanne Elwell, for assistance.

     Appendix O1 - PGA Recording Form: Credit Coursework - Article 38.4.1

     Appendix O2 - PGA Recording Form: Conference, Workshop, and Non-credit Courses - Article 38.4.2 

              PGA Canvas Application

     Appendix O3 - PGA Recording Form: Professional Activities and Projects - Article 38.4.3

     Appendix P1 - Application for Professional Development Leave - Article 17- Due October 15 by 5pm.

     Appendix P2 - Request for Change in Professional Development Leave Plan -Article 17

     Appendix P3 - Professional Development Leave Report - Article 17 - Due after your

               last quarter of PDL, 30 days after your return to campus.

     Appendix R - Application for Training/Retraining Stipend - Article 35 - Due April 15 by 5pm.  

                Send completed form via email to Tuan Tonthat.

                Training/Retraining Reimbursement Request Form - Faculty

     Appendix S3 - Part-time Faculty Resignation/Retirement Form - Article 7

     Appendix T2 - Application for Family Medical Leave - Article 16.29

              To initiate leave contact:

              Full-Time Faculty - Anna Luna

              Part-Time Faculty/Foothill - Jean McCarron

              Part-Time Faculty/DeAnza - Jiatong Li

     Appendix T3 - Medical Certification Statement

     Appendix U1 - Annual Plan for Emeritus Program - Article 19

     Appendix W - Reduced Workload Program - Article 18 - Contact Anna Luna. Article 19 filed with

               President or designee by March 1st (discuss with Dean by January 15th).

     Appendix X- Early Notice Incentive Program Application Form - Article 20

     Appendix Y- Additional Faculty Service Area (FSA) Application - Article 15


FMLA and PDL Application - To initiate leave contact: 

Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)


M - R


Medical Certification Statement Initiating Leave from Work

Medical Certification Release and Return to Work (updated 05.05.2020)

Reassigned/Release Time Authorization Form


S - T


Staff Development Leave Application

Staff Development Leave Information

Student Evaluation - Part A Envelopes

Student Evaluation - Part B Envelopes

Student Evaluation - Confidential Page

Substitute Request for Pay

Teamsters Educational Assistance Form (updated 05.05.2020)

Teamsters PGA Application and Guidelines

Teamsters Recess Form (Go to FHDA MyPortal)

Training/Retraining Application (Appendix I) - Administrators

Training/Retraining Reimbursement Request Form - Administrators

Transfer Sick Leave Form (updated 07.26.2021)


U - Z


Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Form (updated May 2020)

Workers' Comp Report of Injury Form

Working Out-of-Classification (WOC) Form (updated 05.05.2020)