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Medicare Prescription Drug Information

Medicare Part D is the new voluntary outpatient prescription drug benefit that was added to the CalPERS Medicare program beginning January 1, 2013.

Medicare Part D is intended to assist those in Medicare who do not have prescription drug coverage through an employer group. CalPERS Members enrolled in a CalPERS Medicare or Basic plan already have a prescription drug coverage that does not require the supplementation of Medicare Part D.

Therefore, CalPERS Medicare plan members should not enroll in a non-CalPERS Medicare Part D prescription plan. CalPERS members who enroll in a non-CalPERS prescription drug plan will lose their CalPERS health coverage.

If you have additional questions regarding your enrollment in Medicare Part D, contact CalPERS Customer Contact Center at 1-888-225-7377.

For general information regarding Medicare Part D from CalPERS, please click here.