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In an effort to share best practices and content, the district office, Foothill and De Anza colleges are working in collaboration.

De Anza College equity resources can be accessed: HERE and Anti Racism Resources HERE

De Anza College Honors Program Beginner's Guide to Black Lives Matter

The Foothill College Office of Equity and Inclusion can be accessed HERE and the Foothill Library Guide to anti-racism resources can be accessed HERE

Resources pertaining to Race 7/15/2020

Race In America White & Black responses to survey questions regarding status of race relations in the USA
Race Relations Views from an array of respondent types on the status of race relations in the USA
Implicit Bias Review 2018-2020 Understanding Implicit Bias and how it impacts our decision-making
Guide to Allyship "An evolving open-source guide to help you become a more thoughtful and effective ally."
Look Different Ways to understand difference
How to be Actively Antiracist Compilation of suggestions and resources
Anti-racism resources List of Books, Podcasts, Articles, Movies, Organizations*SauIwsm8fD9QYQAxL24nlw
Basic Principles of Equity Literacy Printable pdf
The Danger of a Single Story Ted Talk by 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

158 Resources to Understand Racism in America Smithsonian

The 1619 Project NY Times Magazine study of Black Americans and the impact of Slavery

Just The Facts Visual Resource re Black Disparity

Black Disparity PDF

Scaffolding Anti-racism Resources Resources for White-Identified Individuals

Shared Google Doc